DTC Teen Fellowship

By the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ The Denver Tamil Church Teen Fellowship will be continued to be ministered by Brother Pravin Mohan and his wife Pinky.

This year marks the beginning of a new approach & strategy in the hope to make a better impact among the kids.
The middle school group (7th Grade – 9th Grade ) & High school group (10th Grade – 12th Grade) will have different small group times.

Meeting schedule: Starting Friday, August 26th
  Middle school, Online every Friday (except 3rd Friday) from 5pm – 5:45pm
  High school, Online every Friday (except 3rd Friday) from 6pm – 6:45pm
  In-person combined classes every 3rd Sunday at DTC premises after family worship time.

Some topics planned for this year
– Who is Jesus?
– What is the Bible?
– What is Praise & Worship?
– Why Pray?
– 10 commandments
– Completing the Book of proverbs and some more!

Our goal this year is to go back to basics, to meditate on the Word with teens and to encourage them to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.